How To Grow On Instagram In 2021

The most common question we get from artists and other professionals is “How Do I Grow My Instagram?” This is an answer that changes every 4-6 months based on algorithm and rule changes. 18 months ago I did IG growth for an artist that went very high on Billboard 4 months later, and the system I used then no longer exists. There’s new sauce and below we’ve compiled a short list:

1) Using Reels
Since Instagram is trying oh-so-hard to keep up with TikTok and tap in to their marketshare, you have a better chance of hitting the EXPLORE section and getting seen more by using Reels rather than Posts. Even for customers who we do other types of growth for we still highly recommend a good balance on this.

2) Good Hashtags
This is how you will maximize the EXPLORE traffic you get when using REELS.
There’s no right number of hashtags for every business, or even for every post by the same business. The consensus is that about 11 hashtags is a good number to start with.

3) Reaching Out To Targeted Users
We offer a service where we set up targeted marketing guaranteeing atleast 1000 followers for a targeted niche or fan base type per month.
1 month $150, 3 months $300, or 6 months 500. We use this same service on any new companies or services anyone in our umbrellas create.

4) Growth Hacks Like Mass DMs
We use robot accounts to blast targeted DMs out to targeted user bases.
This is best for targeted product or service advertisements. This consistently yields better results than Influencer posts.
50K Mass DMs $300
100K Mass DMs – $500
250K Mass DMs – $1,150
1Million Mass DMs – $4,000

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