Social Media Marketing Packages

  • Instagram Marketing (The Juice)


The Juice ($150)

Includes 1 main account promotion for 30 days. Gain 1,000-2,500 followers guaranteed with this package. The best valued social media plan you will find.

  • Facebook Marketing (The Next Up)


The Next Up ($250)

Targeted advertising focused on engagement which will yield a minimum of 50,000 views.

  • Facebook Marketing (The Flame)


The Flame ($749)

Targeted advertising focused on video engagement which will yield a minimum of 250,000 views.

Custom packages available.

  • Facebook Marketing (The Overnight Celebrity)


The Overnight Celebrity ($999)

Targeted global fan growth which will gain you over 10,000 new Facebook fans that are active and engage!

Smaller custom packages of fan growth are available, just email us!

No products found which match your selection.

TikTok Starter ($100)

Targeted follow/unfollow campaign targeted at the followers of 5 users and 5 hash tags. Campaign runs for 30 days and yields between 500-3,000 followers.