Social Media Marketing Packages

  • Instagram Marketing (The Juice)

The Juice ($200)

Sends 10,000 targeted DMs to targeted accounts on Instagram growing your product or brand.

  • Facebook Marketing (The Next Up)

The Next Up ($250)

Targeted advertising focused on engagement which will yield a minimum of 25,000 views.

  • Facebook Marketing (The Flame)

The Flame ($450)

Advanced ad-based funnel video targeting to achieve over 50,000 views

Custom packages available.

  • Facebook Marketing (The Overnight Celebrity)

The Overnight Celebrity ($999)

Targeted global fan growth which will gain you over 10,000 new Facebook fans that are active and engage!

Smaller custom packages of fan growth are available, just email us!

  • TikTok Starter Package

TikTok Starter ($150)

Targeted follow/unfollow campaign targeted at the followers of 5 users and 5 hash tags. Campaign runs for 30 days and yields between 500-3,000 followers.