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At Starbreakers, we’ve redefined the landscape by curating a platform that provides artists with access to specialized and advanced knowledge, accessible only to our esteemed members. By restricting seminar participation to our exclusive community, we ensure a secure and interactive environment where artists can engage in discussions, receive personalized support, and connect with like-minded peers. Our seminars cover a spectrum of topics, from cutting-edge music production techniques to navigating the intricacies of the music industry, led by industry experts and high-profile instructors. At Starbreakers, we don’t just offer education; we foster a dynamic community where members can collaborate, share experiences, and embark on a journey of growth together. Join Starbreakers, where exclusivity meets excellence.

Upcoming Members Only Seminars:
– Cultivating A Genuine Audience
– Data-Driven Touring: How to Turn Fan Data into Packed Shows
– Song Stock Exchanges Are Coming – Should You Buy In?
– Negotiating Video Game Music Deals
– Growing Your Audience on Music Streaming Apps

Some of The Platforms We Distribute To:

Reach and Distribution Network: We distribute music to major online platforms like Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon, TikTok, and others. We go beyond other distributors and also place clients on platforms like J-Pay (for inmates), IheartRadio and Touchtunes Jukeboxes.

We break hits, period. In addition to our groundbreaking seminars, Starbreakers goes beyond education by offering top-notch marketing services. Our proven track record includes working with dozens of charting artists, solidifying our expertise in elevating music careers. Leveraging strategic marketing campaigns, we’ve propelled artists to new heights on various charts, boosting their visibility and impact in the industry. When you choose Starbreakers, you not only gain access to cutting-edge educational content but also tap into a reservoir of marketing expertise that has propelled numerous artists to chart-topping success. Join Starbreakers, where education meets unparalleled marketing support, propelling your music career to new heights.

Pricing: Only $100 per 6 months – including access to the most exclusive digital seminars and secrets in the industry.

Royalty Split: You receive 90% of what we collect.



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In the realm of the music industry, effective promotion and marketing can spell the difference between a record becoming a standout success or just blending into the background as “just another track.” At Starbreakers, our cutting-edge promotional tools are designed to amplify your social media footprint, ensuring that your music reaches the ears of those who hold the most significance in your artistic journey. Elevate your presence and make a lasting impact in the industry with Starbreakers’ promotional expertise – because your music deserves more than to be just another track.