Social Media Marketing Packages

  • Instagram Marketing (The Juice)

The Juice ($200)

Sends 10,000 targeted DMs to targeted accounts on Instagram growing your product or brand.

  • Facebook Marketing (The Next Up)

The Next Up ($250)

Targeted advertising focused on engagement which will yield a minimum of 25,000 views.

  • Facebook Marketing (The Flame)

The Flame ($450)

Advanced ad-based funnel video targeting to achieve over 50,000 views

Custom packages available.

  • Facebook Marketing (The Overnight Celebrity)

The Overnight Celebrity ($999)

Targeted global fan growth which will gain you over 10,000 new Facebook fans that are active and engage!

Smaller custom packages of fan growth are available, just email us!

  • TikTok Starter Package

TikTok Starter Pack ($60)

1k targeted music followers delivered within 7 days.

  • Instagram Marketing (The Sauce)

    $600.00 Sale!

IG Verification Pack ($4500)

This pack sets you up for verification on Instagram, includes SEO press, and Google knowledge panel.

In order for your Instagram page to be verified, we need to be an admin on your Facebook fan page.

Also, you would need 5 SEO press articles published to give recognition that you’re a public figure.

This packet also comes with Facebook and Instagram engagement to create a solid algorithm.

Guarantee 45-90 days (rendered sooner if requirements are completed)