Tonight on June 3rd, the city of Las Vegas has sent us a cease and desist notice for the Lit In Vegas festival scheduled June 4th and 5th, 2021. They had several concerns that we have been working with them on over the past 48 hours. We had addressed 8 out of their 9 concerns, but tonight 5 members of City Hall came and officially served us paperwork.

While the city of Las Vegas wants to work with us on future events, and allow this one to happen in a few months, they had large concerns with the amount of traffic we had coming to the lot, and the fact that there was a bus stop within 50 feet of the designated Uber/Lyft pickup location. They also made last day demands of us that asked us to have city licensed security guard for event 50 people in attendance, and we had planned to use several private security in addition to a few licensed.

We asked to hire a few Metro Police detail to smooth over any problems and the City was unwilling. Unfortuntely, the events of 1 October and the mass shooting at a music festival is still ripe in the minds of many people in the city, and justly so. We are attempting to work with 2-3 other venues to find suitable performance opportunities for those that traveled here from out of state - and promoters will reach out to everyone individually over the next 24 hours. (cease and desist posted below, with some personal information cut out)

Please understand that we need 2-4 business days to respond to all email inquiries and process all refunds as we will be getting a flood of people contacting us following this announcement.

Refunds will be made from the point of purchase.

Sorry for any inconvienence - we did everything we would do try to make this a reality to create positivity for aspiring artists. We will continue this mission and be in touch soon.

Derek Lemire
Starbreakers Entertainment